Loud Louder Loudest

LoudLouderLoudest created millions of mobile music products in the height of the ringtone craze the early 2000's. We loved our job and were the considered the best mobile production company in the industry.

Some of our favorite projects involved Notorious B.I.G., Gucci Mane, The Simpsons, Donald Trump, Luciano Pavarotti, Ornette Coleman, and Sean Paul. We made great-sounding ringtones, ringbacks, and video ringers for over 1600+ record labels across 500+ devices. Our team was full of know-it-alls and superb musicians working hard in a factory building with little heat in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. We were famous for several wireless and music industry firsts including creating the first AAC music files on mobile devices, encoding the first ringbacks, and optimizing the first music videos on mobile phones in the US.

In late 2010 we sold our software to the Wireless Developer Agency and they are still going strong making ringtones for clients around the globe.

Our Founders:
Devin Maxwell, Katie Porter (President & CEO), and Quentin Tolimieri

Our Clients:
WMG, UMG, ADA, HBO, 20th Century FOX, Disney, THQ, Ford and over 1600+ record labels.

Our Team:
Gretta Cohn, Joe Davancens, Jessica Gaynor, David Geddes, Travis Just, Hira Lesea, Mike Lucke, Ryan Maxwell, Vanessa McDonnell, Jim McGrath, Bradley Schirmer, Gordy Smith, Ryan Ross Smith, Matt Wagner, Ian Wolff, Hayden Borowski and Susan Lueth of Wireless Developer Agency, Will Gines III of Wireless World Technologies, Phillip Niemeyer of Double Triple (now at Northern-Southern) and Rachel Cox and Stew O'Connor of Vireo.


If you are currently seeking mobile content production, look no further than the Wireless Developer Agency (www.wda.com).

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